Get answers to common questions.

  • Is delivery included?

    No, delivery is extra but can be arranged through Bacon Universal.

  • Is insurance required?

    Insurance is required. If your existing policy does not cover rental equipment, Bacon Universal has insurance available for an additional fee.

  • Are there hour limits on equipment I rent?

    Yes. Daily rentals are limited to 8 hours, weekly rentals are limited to 40 hours, and monthly rentals are limited to 176 hours.

  • Am I responsible for repairs and maintenance?

    All repairs due to abuse or negligence will be billed to the lessee upon return of the damaged rental equipment. Additionally, clean-up costs for excessively dirty equipment will be the responsibility of the lessee. Factory scheduled maintenance is included in the cost of the rental.

  • Do machines come with full fuel tanks?

    Rental machines are fully fueled by Bacon Universal before pickup or delivery, and they should be returned with a full tank to avoid fuel charges on your bill. DEF tanks returned less than full will also incur additional charges.

  • Still need help?

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